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Berry, Oatmeal, Yogurt Smoothie Blend

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all staying well and keeping as sane as possible during these confusing and tough times.I’m sharing with you a smoothie blend in case you’d like to try it! Sharing good eats to increase healthy motivation. Ingredients:… Continue Reading…

Jewelry, Updates

Keep Your Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Looking Great for a Lifetime

Tips and steps to take to prevent unnecessary wear and tear to your swarovski crystals. Cleaning instructions to help keep your crystals shiny and brilliant. Also create your own swarovski crystal cleaning kit.


Harvard Medical School’s Coronavirus Resource Center

In light of the new corona virus, as you may know is a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract, I wanted to share this article from the Health.Harvard.Edu website that may be of interest to you. Harvard Medical School’s Coronavirus… Continue Reading…


All Natural, Chemical Free Skin Care for Beautiful Skin

Bringing you All Natural, chemical free skin care for naturally beautiful skin!

Reduce and even diminish acne, scars, rashes, redness and more!

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